How to Access my VPS

Once you have received a welcome email that lets you know that your VPS order has been processed you can connect to your VPS.
By default all VPS will have a running SSH daemon so you would need a client software to access it. The most popular SSH client is putty (
download link).

Once you have downloaded putty start it up and input the IP address of your VPS which can be found in the welcome email you have received as well as in your service details,  leave the port as default 22 and click "Open". If the connection is successful you will get a prompt warning you that the host key is not added to the registry, to proceed click "Yes" (if you are interested in finding out more about SSH host keys you can read 
this article).

Next you are prompted for your login name and password, which can be found in your service details.
You should now be succesfully logged in your new VPS.
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