How do I transfer my domain name to you?

If you have already registered a domain name, in many cases you don't need to transfer your domain name if you wish to just use WebLayer for web hosting. You will only need to change your DNS servers at the current registrar. When you transfer a domain name, you will lose any money you have already invested at the existing registrar and will have to sign up and pay all over again at the new registrar. Transfers can also take time and be problematic depending on the registrar you are transferring from.

However, if you are dissatisfied with your current registrar or their pricing, or your domain is coming up for renewal, we are more than happy to help you transfer your domain name from any other registrar to our own domain name registration services.

If you plan on using WebLayer for hosting, you should change your DNS Name Servers to the Primary and Secondary Name Servers provided to you in your hosting welcome e-mail. Your registrar should be able to help you to do this.

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