Sam Broadcast Error 10060 & 10061

This Article will help you Determine the cause of errors 10060 and 10061, and Fix the problem!

Error 10060 - Not connecting to stream host

Common Issues

  • Is the IP address prefixed with http:
  • If so, please remove that.
  • Are outgoing connections allowed by the SAM computer?
Detail About Above Issues.

  • Is the Ip Address Prefixed with http:// -- in your Encoder Config, under "Server Details" make sure you only have the IP Address of your server, in other words, if your using a dns you want to enter (no http://) , if your using an ip address you want to enter (no http://)

  • Are outgoing Connections Allowed? --if you have your Servers Ip Address Entered Correctly, try Disabling your Firewall If you use one, certin firewalls will block outgoing connections, this helps prevent viruses and malware from spreading

  • Did you Create a New Encoder, or Use an Old one? -- sometimes, if you used an encoder from an old stream, sam will try to use your old stream information, instead of the information you entered in the server details tab, be sure to delete your old encoder and create new encoders for each stream!

Error 10061 - Stream Offline

  • Please verify:
    1) The DNAS is running
    2) The password you have is correct (verify by logging into the DNAS admin)
    3) The DNAS is not already sourced
    4) The encoder has no http:// or other protocol prefix
    5) Outgoing connections from SAM to the server are allowed.
Detail about Above Issues.

  • in the examples Above, the Shoutcast DNAS program is not running, if your using a nEo Stream, or a stream with a control panel (such as Centovacast, Cast Control or Scadmin) , you can Start / Stop your stream without the help of your Stream provider, if your getting Error 10061, login to your control panel, and make sure the stream is running (For centovacast make sure "Server Status" is "Running" or "Online")

  • You can Also Verify your Stream is running by opening your Stream URL in a Web Browser, if you get a page that says "Shoutcast DNAS Status" and "Server is Down" , then your stream is up and running, "Server Is Down" is perfectly normal and simply means there is no dj connected to the stream, if however, you get a page saying something like "Page Not Found", then your Stream is offline and you need to Start the stream using your control panel, or Contact your Stream host and ask them to start your stream.

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