Sam Broadcast Error 11004

This Article will explain the Sam Broadcaster Error 11004, and Help you Determine the cause of the error and hopefully how to fix it!

11004 - Connection Failed

  • Check your cables or that you have a connection to the internet
  • Check your Server IP entry is Entered Correctly (No Spaces before/After, No Typo's)
Detail of Error
Error code 11004 Most Generally Means 1 of 2 things, i will explain..
  1. Your Server IP Address is entered Incorrectly ( Server IP = or Server IP = Or 9423159187 , all of these are incorrectly entered, the correct entry for the examples is listed below.
  • for a DNS name, the Correct Entry would be (no spaces, before or after)
  • for an IP Address (a set of numbers seperated by periods) the Correct Entry is
2. If you're using a DNS address (such as and you've entered it Correctly, you might want to try using the Servers IP Address, the reason is that sometimes your ISP's Dns servers May have trouble Resolving the DNS address, the best way to determine your Servers IP ADDRESS is to use a DNS to IP converter Like This One , simply open the Website, Type in the DNS name, and you will be presented with " ->" so now we know is the Servers IP address!
Normally the 2 solutions listed above will correct Error 11004, however, if you've tried all these solutions and are still getting Error 11004, you should reboot your modem , Router , and PC, and try again, if the problem persists , please contact your Stream Provider Support for further troubleshooting...
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